Comedy Night for Verulamium at Play

It’s St Valentine’s Day and I’m expressing love and gratitude for the people who have come forward to be part of Verulamium at Play, the charity I have co-founded to raise money for a new play area in Verulamium Park. We have a huge fundraising challenge (get the background on the Council website) and Ye Old Fighting Cocks are the first business to support us financially. I met with Cristo, landlord of YOFC, at the end of last year asking if he thought there was a way to raise money for VaP and help his business at the same time. It turns out Cristo had been thinking about hosting a comedy night with a top notch tasting menu and launching it as a charity fundraiser was a perfect way to road test it.

So here we are, four days away with all the tickets are sold and a promise of £1k from Cristo and the team. Thank you all so much, I am really looking forward to Saturday night and getting closer to reaching our target.

YOFC Comedy Night

Also singing out in praise of Ember Designs, who produced this promotional flyer without charge. Thank you!

Thanks to Waitrose for having Verulamium at Play as one of their three Community Matters charities this month. The conversation with store manager David happened a very long time ago and putting those green tokens in the box is very satisfying! Thank you.

Waitrose Community Matters