Women in politics

Amplifying womens voices

I pushed for a ‘women in politics’ event at last year’s European Local Democracy Week and was thwarted when the two other main parties couldn’t/wouldn’t field a councillor. Determined not to let another party put the kybosh on it again, I made it happen and around eight local women came along to the Beech House for coffee on Monday 10th October. Disappointingly, no other political parties chose to attend.

I also acted as a mentor at the annual “Youth Takeover” of St Albans Council (part of ELDW) along with Conservative Councillors, Salih Gaygusuz, Richard Curthoys, Matt Stephens and Alun Davies. The event inspired a blog post about amplifying women’s voices which you can read on my work-related blog: http://jessicachivers.com/2016/10/16/amplifying-womens-voices/

I am delighted to accept an invitation by Loreto College to speak at their A-Level awards evening in December.