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Women in politics

Amplifying womens voices

I pushed for a ‘women in politics’ event at last year’s European Local Democracy Week and was thwarted when the two other main parties couldn’t/wouldn’t field a councillor. Determined not to let another party put the kybosh on it again, I made it happen and around eight local women came along to the Beech House for coffee on Monday 10th October. Disappointingly, no other political parties chose to attend.

I also acted as a mentor at the annual “Youth Takeover” of St Albans Council (part of ELDW) along with Conservative Councillors, Salih Gaygusuz, Richard Curthoys, Matt Stephens and Alun Davies. The event inspired a blog post about amplifying women’s voices which you can read on my work-related blog:

I am delighted to accept an invitation by Loreto College to speak at their A-Level awards evening in December.

St Michael’s ‘beach’ tidy

St Michaels Beach Clean 1

There’s been an explosion of greenery on the ‘beach’ next to St Michael’s Street bridge over the river Ver. I, with the blessing of the Ver Valley Society, invited residents to join me in bringing it under control during the half term holiday. It’s amazing what a few people can do in 90 minutes and thanks park ranger Bernard for disposing of all the green waste the group generated! I’m now working with a resident, John Cadisch, to find funding to lay new gravel on the beach.

St Michaels Beach Clean 2


St Michaels Beach Clean 4

My kids are brilliant in the way they tolerate my political activities. They joined me in the water, wading out to pluck weeds from the bridge. Payment came later at the Waffle House!

Helping George St residents and businesses

Verulam Rd_broken wall

The smashed wall (behind the Verulam Rd sign) outside Thai Square has finally been repaired after much chivvying! The land doesn’t belong to the Council so it wasn’t straightforward to get it fixed. After many e-mails and phone calls to Thai Square’s Head Office they put it to the top of their to-do list. It shows polite and positive persistence pays off – and they’ve added to the street scene with new planters too which is a bonus.

George Street residents and business owners have also been in touch with me about rude awakenings by their commercial waste collector (Veolia) operating outside of stated hours. Although this is a separate relationship to the Council’s contract with Veolia, officers at the Council have been swift to draw senior Veolia staff’s attention to the problem. I remain hopeful that the issue has been put to bed and good sleep can resume all round.

Thai Square Repaired Wall

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