Verulamium At Play

VP playground_2016_05

I’ve been working to get a solid group of residents together to drive fundraising to upgrade the play area in Verulamium Park (click here for the back story on the Council website).

The group has settled on a name and is setting up as a charity (‘Verulamium At Play’) and local dad and designer, Daniel Swainsbury, has produced some design concepts for our logo.

One member of the group, Alex (also a dad) has put together a last minute grant application to Aviva – PLEASE VOTE FOR US by 17th November.

The group really needs 6-8 more volunteers and a particular area of expertise/interest needed is links to the business community in St Albans. If you don’t have links into the business community and you have ideas and energy to set about engaging businesses then that’s great too!

We are also looking for someone:

Working group meeting_2016_10_03
Verulamium At Play working party meeting October 2016

Our challenge is to raise somewhere in the region of £150-200K for a terrific new play area. This may sound a lot and that’s because a) it is and b) the park is what’s called a ‘scheduled ancient monument’ (Roman Verulamium) which means the area has to be developed very sensitively and that could come at a significant extra cost compared to a stunning play area placed elsewhere  in the district.

We’ve got five sub-groups to work on different strands of the project:

  • Shaping a design brief
  • Children’s engagement
  • Business engagement (much more help needed here!)
  • Community engagement
  • Major fundraising event(s)
  • Trusts/grant applications

The sub-groups will get together as and when and the whole group will meet 7.30pm for 7.45-9.30pm in the Blenheim room, Waterened Barn, St Albans on these dates:

  • Monday 7th November
  • Monday 21st November
  • Monday 5th December
  • Monday 16th January
  • Monday 30th January
  • Monday 20th February

Want to get involved? Thank you! E-mail me