Love Where You Live

On my runs and dog walks around our beautiful City I pick up a LOT of McDonalds litter. Unlike much of the other pieces of litter I collect, McDonalds’ wrappers are often to be found in the road. They’ve been thrown out of car windows. I really don’t get it. It’s completely moronic. Perhaps these people need to eat more fruit, vegetables and oily fish to improve brain function?

Anyway, I digress from the point of this post which is to let you know about three community litter picks on Monday 18th July at 11am in Ashley (along the Alban way), Batchwood (the Oysterfields playground at the back of the hospital) and Sopwell (nunnery and the Alban way) wards hosted by McDonalds. Click here for a pdf containing the locations.

I was delighted when a member of the St Albans McDonalds team approached me to help her organise a litter pick for their annual staff volunteering day they call ‘Love Where You Live.’ Given the number of staff she thinks will be coming along it seemed a waste (ha ha!) to stop at one pick, hence three. I am SO excited and do hope that Oysterfields residents in particular will get involved. I’m going to do another pick there with my flying litter squad from Verulam on Saturday 3rd September.