Keep Britain Tidy working with local councils

Wanting to know about the Government’s litter strategy and how Keep Britain Tidy is playing a role in changing littering behaviour, I approached KBT’s CEO, Allison Ogden-Newton for a meeting. We had a call and I have done a video blog about how local councils are working with Keep Britain Tidy to create change.

For example, working with Harrogate Council, Keep Britain Tidy designed an intervention that drove down dog-fouling by up to 90% in some parts of Harrogate. These reflective, glow-in-the dark posters are now being bought by many councils around the UK. I have heard from several residents close to the Abbey that they are fed up with dog poo on their streets and I’d love for us to get these posters trialled in Verulam ward.

KBT Network Conference_driving down dog fouling


Allison invited me to join the Keep Britain Tidy Network conference as her guest in Birmingham on Wednesday 10th February. I was delighted to hear that ex-army major, McDonalds franchisee and member of the “Love Essex” campaign, Cherry Lewis-Taylor was going to be attending too. Cherry and I sat together and I asked her about her motivation to do what she’s doing to reduce litter in Braintree.  Hear how she is helping to keep Essex tidy in this short film. She holds Singapore and Japan up as exemplar countries – they take their litter home.

I heard from councils who are using Fixed Penalty Notices as a deterrent to littering and think adopting FPNs would be a welcome addition in St Albans based on conversations I have had with many residents.

We heard from Charlotte Pochin at Defra who gave us an overview on the newly launched litter strategy for England (Whitehall’s response to the Commons Community and Local Government Communities Committee’s inquiry into litter and flytipping in England). I, and many people in the room, was frustrated to hear her talk about Government not imposing directives on local councils. If each council is allowed to make up their own minds about how to tackle litter it undermines the idea of a national litter strategy. Defra is going to be setting up working groups to delve into 3-5 specific topics and when I spoke to her in person at the end I suggested looking at how to change secondary school age people’s behaviour would be useful. I also expressed with some passion my desire to be involved in Defra’s work!

Let’s see what happens.

What do you think about Fixed Penalty Notices and using trained wardens to issue them to people who litter in St Albans?

If it was an option, would you welcome a poster as seen above to drive down dog-fouling in your street?