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Don’t be a tosser

Litter thrown from vehicles on our roads is a big problem. Keep Britain Tidy have been selling “Don’t be a tosser” stickers for supporters like me to display in our cars. I don’t know how much good it does in terms of reducing littering but it makes me feel a little less impotent knowing I’m displaying one. Latest figures from the Communities and Local Government Committee report on litter and fly-tipping in England says that you (assuming you’re a taxpayer) have coughed up £850M in 2014-15 to pay for litter to be picked up. Dreadful.

Onto local activities to stop the drop…

Look out for new permanent A3 size signs appearing on the A414 asking motorists to “PLEASE TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME WITH YOU.” One of my residents has been asking for these for some time and I’m pleased to have got this initiative signed off by the Environment portfolio holder, Cllr Daniel Chichester-Miles.

In addition to the fixed signs I’m curious to know what you think about the idea of displaying the words “DON’T BE A TOSSER – TAKE YOUR RUBBISH HOME” on the roadside digital displays. It’s arresting isn’t it? Is it too much? I don’t think so but I’d like to hear from you on how you’d feel about having those words beaming out at you.

electronic road signs

I  know that the Park Street Residents Association is keen to have signs at the entrance to the village letting people know how many bags of litter have been collected so far in the year. I like the idea of displaying this information along with how much it’s costing each of us to have litter cleared by contractors (another resident’s suggestion).

I’m starting to think about how we can harness all these good ideas and how I can use my influence as a councillor (litter being the big reason I stood for election along with the under-representation of women in politics) to bring them to life. In the meantime I think we can reduce the litter problem by building pride in our wonderful City by doing small things that together will make a big difference. That means me, you, your kids, Uncle Bob and granny too challenging someone you see littering, picking litter up, reporting overflowing bins, not leaving bags at recycling points when the bins are full and praising a person you see picking up litter.  There are other things you can (and I’m sure do) do too – thank you.

I’m meeting with the CEO of Keep Britain Tidy, Allison Ogden-Smith next week. Anything you want me to ask her?

And to finish, just watch this wonderful one minute video on tackling litter – thank you Keith Loud (Napsbury Park Residents Association) for sharing with me.


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