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My potholes and other problems

**WARNING – this post has made something very easy look mighty complicated!**

When residents contact me about highway issues I always feel a twinge of regret that I can’t do more to help. Potholes, faulty street lights, uneven footpaths, potholes, overhanging trees and did I say potholes? These are all managed by Hertfordshire County Council and the best way to deal with them is to report them and ask your neighbours to report them too. The more people that report them, the quicker they’ll get looked at (OK, I don’t know that for sure, but it stands to reason doesn’t it?)

I’m a district councillor and my power to get things done by County are limited. What I can do is show you how very simple it is to log a fault online. Here’s a step by step, visual guide. See what I’ve circled in red on each picture and you can click on each picture to make it bigger.

Reporting faults on HCC_Step 1



  • 2) Click on ‘Potholes or faulty streetlights’ (you can report more than these two things but these are the most common things people report)

Reporting faults on HCC_Step 2


  • 3) Click on ‘Start now to report a new fault’ (which isn’t great grammar I grant you but I can’t claim not to have been faulty in my time…)

Reporting faults on HCC_Step 3


  • 4) Now type in your postcode and on the right hand side of the screen the road name(s) that match that postcode will appear. You need to click on the road name as shown in the picture below.

Reporting faults on HCC_Step 4


  • 5) This scarily zoomed out map will appear and you’ll think “good heavens what I am supposed to do with that!” Never fear, the page will either automatically adjust in a few moments, or if not, you can use the zoom tool (shown in next picture) to hone in on the problem area.

Reporting faults on HCC_Step 6


  • 6) Now click on the part of the map where there’s a problem and a genius thing happens: a little box will appear in the corner of the map identifying the landmark you are probably wanting to comment on. Click on the relevant box. You can see here that I’m about to click on St Albans footpath 34 (to report the dreadful cracked footpath surface).

Reporting faults on HCC_Step 7



  • 7) You will then see this page which prompts you to say what’s wrong. There are multiple choice drop-down boxes which make it very easy.


Reporting faults on HCC_Step 8


  • 8) Pop in your details and remember to click ‘SUBMIT FAULT’


Reporting faults on HCC_Step 9


  • 9) Bob’s your Uncle, you’re done! You’ll see this message and if you have provided an e-mail address, you will receive notification of your submission.

Reporting faults on HCC_Step 10



Bodge it & Patch it

I’ve always quite liked patchwork quilts and I had a go at making one as a youngster. I didn’t get far though because I’m not good at sitting still achieving very little in a long space of time.

Today whilst on my way post dog walk to buy some of Johnny’s divine flour-free chocolate cake with salted caramel sauce from The Pudding Stop I saw the beginnings of a giant patchwork quilt covering George Street and Verulam Rd. I don’t think it’s a look any of my fellow residents and councillors want for our pavements though.

You may be pleased to know I’ve logged all three faults and  my neighbouring councillors Alun Davies and Alec Campbell are getting on the case too. If you want to log them as well (in the hope they go up the queue) please do so. It’s really easy to report faults on the Herts County Council website.

It did occur to me that the tarmac may be temporary because I’ve heard it said previously (and was reminded again today by the super Vanessa Gregory on Twitter) that the ground needs to settle before the bricks go back. However, this makes me nervous and I’ve requested that Hertfordshire County Council place temporary signs advising passers-by why there is a tarmac infill and when it is due to be restored to it’s original state.

George Street_2015_10_11 Verulam Rd_2015_10_11 Verulam Ward outside barber shop_2015_10_11

George Street_2015_10_11 (2)


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