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Litter is criminal

Litter Man_VP_Sunday 2015_07_19_0558

The desire to stamp out litter isn’t just my cause in our house. My husband is as ‘on it’ as me and whilst walking the dog at ridiculous o’clock this morning he came across two youths sitting around a campfire (illegal) in Verulamium Park and surrounded by litter. Although technically it wasn’t litter whilst they were still with it. The picture is from 0558 and when my husband moved towards them to take it they asked him (in well spoken, English voices) what he was doing. One ducked behind the tree. I wonder, do you know the man pictured here? He’s a criminal.

I returned with our son and took these photos at 1010 showing that indeed the rubbish around their campfire had been left behind. Each piece of litter here is a crime.

Litter VP_Sunday_2015_07_19_1008


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I don’t like cricket, I love it

Cricket_2015_07_12_FVP v SADC Coucncillors

What a great end to the week, playing cricket with fellow councillors, family members and residents. It’s a match that has taken place the last 11 years (I believe it was started by Alderman Leech, previously a councillor for Batchwood ward) between councillors and The Friends of Victoria Playing Fields & The Civic Society.

I was a lone female today (come on female councillors we need you!) and did well – all that Paul Sands at St Albans Cricket Club (Clarence Park) talk me last summer came flooding back. It really did put a smile on my face to play today as I had decided not to try and reform the women’s cricket team me and some others got started last summer, because I haven’t got the time now that I’m a councillor (piano lessons have gone too but running, spinning and singing remain as well as working and looking after two children and dog). Cllr Alun Davies did some cracking bowling, Cllr Ed Hill looked a pro in his whites and had the skills to match and Cllr Alec Campbell did a tremendous catch to get one of the other side out.

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Whose litter is it anyway?

Glastonbury 2015

The sun shone, the people came, the music played and the spoils got left behind at Glastonbury. This picture sums up what many people seem to think about litter: someone else’s responsibility. It’s not. It’s a criminal offence to litter and fly-tip in the UK and I can only think the couple pictured are smiling because they have a lucrative contract to clear Michael Eavis’ field.

I’ve been litter picking around St Albans since I moved here in 2002. Litter is one of the reasons I stood for election this year – I felt the time had come to try and change the system and people’s behaviour rather than simply clearing litter myself. That said, I began organising community litter picks in Verulamium Park in March this year as a way to meet local residents and because the reality is that behaviour change takes time.


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