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Carrier Bag Recycling Bin on Mayne Avenue


Given the content of my election ‘manifesto’ it feels fitting for my first post to be about a bin. A lovely, green wheelie bin with a rubber hole in the top that allows us to poke carrier bags in and have them stay safely inside (and not flying away into the trees and hedges on King Harry Lane). Actually, it’s bin mark two as the first one was stolen back in April.

Whilst out canvassing in April I met a resident who was really quite ticked off about the plastic bag blight on King Harry Lane. I’ve litter picked several times along the line of trees at the top of the park and the ones that are in the trees are impossible to get down without a cherry picker. I thought about the carrier bag storage device we have at home (a mis-shapen cloth sheep with elastic at both ends to be able to poke carriers in one end and pull then out the other as and when you want) and got in touch with the council to describe an ideal solution.

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